Thank You

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Thank You every one who came to see us on the Celtic Christmas Tour. So many sold out places. Unbelievable :)

Looking forward to an exciting 2017. Upcoming shows in Malmö and Trosa early spring and then a lot more when summer’s drawing near.
And a few surprises down the line as well. Stay tuned….
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Heading South

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Thank you UK for being so kind to us when we visited the Underneath The Stars Festival in Barnsley earlier this summer. Great festival. Great crowd. Had a lovely time. Hope to be back soon.

But first we’re heading south for a very, very short tour :)
Sept 23 we’re visiting La Borsa Roma Showroom in Behrendorf, Germany. And on sept 25 we’re in The Netherlands, playing the great Café Podium in Steendam. Welcome!

And please check our Calender for Swedish Dates