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The KISS Tribute 

01. I love it loud
Martin & Ola were both big fans of KISS in their childhood (rumours say that they still are…). This is an 80’s favourite, dressed up in a Celtic soundscape.

02. Do you love me
Hearing Jenny softly singing ”You like the sound of electric guitars and all the money, honey that I make, but…Do you
love me?” certainly brings this classic KISS track to a whole new dimension. Was this how Paul stanley originally intended the song? We doubt it..

Various Rarities 

Until you tell me to go
Recorded during the ”Rollercoaster” sessions, for reasons we can’t remember this track was replaced by Mandolin Song on the album.

Jag fick nåt i ögat (Jenny Schaub)
When West of Eden was formed back in 1995. By this time Jenny & Martin had just recorded a couple of tracks on their own. This is one of them, and yes, Jenny is singing in Swedish!

(I still remember) How to forget (Orchestral version)
A different mix of the track featured on the ”Rollercoaster” album. The biggest change is that this mix doen’t feature any drums. Lot of strings though…

Hold your horses (DEMO)
A home demo cut by Martin & Jenny in their flat some time during the year 2000. Notice that the solo that didn’t make it to the album. (and now we’ve changed it again!…)

Hold your horses
A live recording from Frölunda Kulturhus, Göteborg, Sweden on the 30:th of September 2006.

The bridge over Lee
Recorded in April 2007 at the same session as when the Christmas EP was recorded. Initially written to be featured on ”The West of Eden Travelogue”. Features Scandinavian Strings.


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