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We’ve added some photos on our website from the additional recordings of ”Safe Crossing” which we did in Svenska Grammofonstudion last summer. Watch us work and sweat to nail ”Send me a wreck”! The pictures were taken by Kristin Lidell. Check it out HERE

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ahhh…. lorikeets….ahhh…. gum trees….ahhh… setting sun…..I do recall them from my youth…But now I have the sounds of hawking and spitting on the streets… the smell of 60yr old soju-breath on crowded subways… relentless stares from “peasants” who are looking at me with the face of a ten year old on his first visit to a zoo.Who would change a thing?

Priceless princess.Det som er interessant er dog er det hun tar opp med fiksjon/biografi. Norge hengte seg jo så til de grader på den trenden. Hun skulle gått litt lenger så hadde hun kommet Knausgård i forkjøpet -))

Lots of responses to this one, which is interesting. I’ll accept that maybe Braben and his company just don’t really know how to run an effective fundraising effort on Kickstarter (although this is stretching credulity given that Star Citizen was running at exactly the same time.) It’s a far kinder conclusion than the one I jumped to in this piece, but it’s possible.

Senti dipì, non è che se mangiamo stasera non possiamo mangiare anche sabato. Orazio (non Petruzzi) diceva: non fare domani ciò che puoi fare oggi… Carpe Diem!!!

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So glad you stressed the importance of reading aloud, Susan. You are absolutely right that language is there to be spoken aloud,and that this is the most powerful and direct way to communicate work to an audienece. Damn, but even sections of ”Finnegans Wake” make sense when they’re spoken.

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