On this page we present our different photosets. Click on an image to view the image in fullsize. You can also enjoy featured videos in the sidebar to the right! For the complete West of Eden-channel on YouTube, please click here or use the submenu ”Videos”.

Celtic Christmas 2012



Photos from our 2011 Celtic Christmas concerts



Additional Recordings for ”Safe Crossing” at Svenska Grammofonstudion 2011



Private Pics from Cornwall recording 2011



A Celtic Christmas 2010



West of Eden – Photoshoot 2009-10-09



Photoshoot – Travelogue



West of Eden Trio 2009



Live Alingsås 2008

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Celtic Christmas Annedalskyrkan 2008



Recording session -08



Live 2008 – Kulturkalaset Göteborg



Live 2007 – Stenhammarsalen with GSO and Scandinavian Strings



Live 2006



Live 2005



Various pictures of the bandmembers



The band throughout the years

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