(Music: Martin Schaub. Words: Jenny & Martin Schaub)

13 knots. All is well
106 tales to tell

13 knots towards the reef
106 souls to grieve
We where just passing
east of Lizard Promontory
On our way to New York
from Tilbury
When someone fired
a warning rocket from the shore
Some of us wondered
what it was all for

13 knots. Fully rigged
106 graves to dig
It was the 14th of October ´98
We were just being served
the second plate
We raised our glasses, drank,
the captain spoke
Two miles ahead
the Manacles awoke

West by north was the course
that was given
See the spire of the church
at St. Keverne
That is where you´ll lie
Underneath a Cornish sky
Once your soul´s lost its place among the living

Blame the helmsman,
blame the captain
But no one knows
what really happened
First she hit the Vase Rock
where she lost her rudder
Then in darkness towards
the Voices she would shudder
Say a prayer for the Mohegan
Laid to rest by the ocean

13 knots. Full speed ahead
106 people dead