In the morning the sun awoke her
Shining through the venetian blinds
As she opened her bedroom window
Nothing special came to her mind

She remained by the window listening
To the seven strokes from the church
When a person came running past her
Jack o 'Leary was late for work
"Summer is coming early this year", he called
As he tripped over Mr. Lavery's dog, like so often before

Now the dog was an angry boxer
Mr. Lavery's pride and joy
It had once been a good policedog
Now it scared every passing boy
"Why is it always me?", Jack o'Leary called
As he jumped over Mr. Wetherby's wall, like so often before

Mr. Wetherby was the owner
of the pub by the village square
By the time that o'Leary landed
He awoke in his bed upstairs
"God, how I hate that lunatic dog next door!"
He said to himself while dressing to go, like so often before

In the street he met Paul and Jimmy
Walking slowly towards the school
When they passed by an open window
Were a girl stood, they stopped to talk
"Summer is coming early this year", they said
She smiled at them like she'd heard it before,
Then returned back to bed

This was a day full of common wonders
These where occasions that sometimes occur
This was a morning of everyday magic
This was the day when the summer returned