Back to back in the first hour of daylight
Now is the time to say your goodbyes
This is the moment of truth
So please spare me the usual obvious lies
Back to back, and it's ten steps and counting
Ten steps together leading apart
Then it's just you against me
And I'm sure that you'll shoot
And you'll aim for my heart

Crescent moon high above
Tell me what love's all about
Will I someday learn if I just travel along

You were the one that I always believed in
One of few solid things in my life
When did the love that I felt in your touch
Transform into the edge of a knife
I was the one that you knew you could count on
Always the safety net for your fall
I was, and that's just the point, it is past tense
I'm nothing like that anymore

Crescent moon...
In the last hour of daylight
We have both left the scene
Not a trace of our battle
Remains in this beautiful field

Crecsent moon...