When I was eight I used to be
Scared of a strange man in our street
I hid behind the bushes whenever he walked by
I don’t think I ever saw him smile
I wonder what he felt inside

There was this girl I used to know
Not very bright, a little slow
She always seemed so happy
Not a worry there in sight
I guess I envied her somehow
I wonder what she’s doing now

Another piece in the jigsaw puzzle
Another thread in the web of time
Another drop in the endless ocean
Another page in the book of life

I met a woman on the train
Who said her life had been in vain
No one ever loved her, she felt she always took the blame
And though she tried hard to restrain
Some things just remain the same

Another piece in the jigsaw puzzle…

And to the rhythm of our hearts
We keep on playing our parts
I always thought I knew mine but now I’m not that sure
I just don’t feel certain anymore
What it is I’m looking for

Another piece in the jigsaw puzzle…