The road that we travel is crocked and rough
We try and we try, but it's never enough
We catch a glimpse once in a while, but again we loose track
And all of my friends say it's time to move on
That time is a healer and deep down I'm strong
And though I agree, there is something that's holding me back

Maybe it's something I feel when we kiss
Maybe it's something I know I will miss
Maybe it's just that I love you

I wanted to show you the way that I feel
The secrets inside me for you to reveal
I gave you a glimpse, but it never became that much more
And it's not that I don't understand that we're through
That I can't imagine my life without you
It's not that I'm stupid, believe me, I do know the score

Maybe it's something I just can't forget
Maybe it's something I'll live to regret
Maybe it's just that I love you

I've packed all my bags with old memories of us
I stand by the road and I wait for the bus

Maybe that some things just can't be achieved
Maybe that something forbids me to leave
Maybe it's just that I love you