(Music & Words: Martin Schaub)

Leaving Deptford Dockyard
Bound for New South Wales
Down below a hundred men
In fetters and in chains
Most of them found guilty
Of petty larceny
Sentenced to repent their sins
Ten thousand miles from here

I´m this vessel´s surgeon
My name is Robert Lloyd
Paid to keep the convicts free
From scurvy and typhoid
I´m not afraid of sickness,
mutiny or wind
The only thing that scares me
Is the fog that´s rolling in

Now the helmsman calls out: "Ready about?"
– Ready!
Lee Ho

I will get a bounty
For each man that we land
Safe and sound and healthy
That is how it all is planned
But there´ll be no Australia
No money to bring home
If the crew miss stays
Then we will strike
the Seven Stones

And the helmsman calls out: "Ready about?"
– Ready!
Lee Ho

Now there are breakers
all around us
And disaster´s drawing near
I guess some day
when they have found us
They will ask
what brought us here