(Music & Lyrics: Jenny & Martin Schaub)

Oh, I miss my home
There, I said it, now the secret’s out
I tried so hard to keep those thoughts at bay
Now when I sleep at night
I’m back in the red house by the maple tree
Back ’til morning comes and pulls me away

In spring I used to wake her
Acre after acre
I’d work the soil, I’d run my plough
’til all the fields were glowing,
Wheat and barley growing
Now time has passed and years have flown
Oh, I miss my home

In summer she’d be swaying
Wheat and barley playing
A tune that only crops could hear
The wind was softly singing
Golden oat bells ringing
The sweetest sound I’ve ever known
Oh, I miss my home

Autumn came so fast
And all the leaves fell from the maple tree
Rain poured down and washed the naked land
And so I left my love
Left my dear acres for the busy streets
Clinging to the straw tucked in my hand.

In winter she’ll be sleeping
Lost in dreams of reaping
of spike and stem and stacks of hay
I’ll watch the snowflakes falling
And hear her strange voice calling
”I’m waiting here, I’m still your own”
Oh, I miss my home