(Music & Lyrics: Jenny & Martin Schaub)

I met him in a bar one night
He said it was his round
I shook his hand,
Said ”Very kind of you, Sir”, and sat down
The wrinkles in his tired face
Revealed his life was hard
With two rough hands and two sad eyes,
A soiled coat and a scar

He called a barmaid over,
And she brought a beer for me
I said “This is a local ale
From Poppel’s brewery
Golden brown and bitter sweet
The best beer that I know
I tell you Sir, you’ll have to try it
‘fore it’s time to go”

“Now young man”, he said to me
Do tell me of this place
I am a stranger here you see
Just stopping for the day

You’re in Rainy town
Built by Dutch and Scottish hands
On this piece of Swedish land
Though my future here looks sad
I would never be as mad
As all the people on that ship
Going on a one way trip
To ”never coming back”
I’m staying here I’ll never pack
I love this rainy town

I’ve heard of places far away
With palaces and towers
With pyramids and mountains high
Strange animals and flowers
And waterfalls that glitter
Like the sun as they fall down
And temples made of purest gold
And buildings that are round

This town is rough like you or me
She never puts on airs
But look beneath and you will find
A heart that really cares