One fine summer's day people made their way
Through the Epping Valley
Hammers and nails in hand, they walked through the land
Up to Joe o'Malley
Stacked along o'Malley's fence that day
Was a pile of wooden beams and a vat of beer
It was the day that they had all gathered there
To raise o'Malley's barn

Joe o'Malley's wife, gem of Joey's life
Hailed this builder's army
One by one they marched past her open arms
Led by blacksmith Barney
And when they all had gathered on the hill
Blacksmith Barney raised his hands and called for silence
"Friens and neighbours, it is time to begin
To raise o'Malley's barn"

When the clock struck two, sawdust in their shoes
All the walls were standing
"Well done!", called their host, "let's all have a toast"
All the men were banding
Down around the tempting vat of beer
Where o'Malley's wife was waiting with a pitcher
Each one raised their glass and had a good cheer....

When the job was done, Joe o'Malley's son
Brought out his old fiddle
Under the rising moon they were dancing soon
Starting to get tiddly
And when the first rays of the morning sun
Painted Joe o'Malley's barn in streaks of yellow and gold
They went home, but they'll remember the day
They raised o'Malley's barn