All the stories we've told down on Ripperton road
Of diamonds and dragons and queens
We would sit every night by the flickering light
In worn out inherrited jeans
And my big brother spoke about heros who'd died
And of travellers who came here with gold
And built this town up from Darlington Hall
Down to Ripperton Road

There was Jimmy, the fool and his friend Tommy Doole
Whose sister I once got to kiss
He was older than I, she had eyes like the sky
And I'll always remember his fists
'Cause he punched me one night in a terrible fight
As he told me to leave her alone
I promised him to, but her eyes were still blue
Blue for Ripperton road

There was Anna and Claire with their fiery red hair
They lived at the end of the street
And in those hot days of June when the hills were in bloom
We'd sit on their roof in the heat
We looked at the sea, the girls, Jimmy and me
And we swore that 'til the day we grew old
The street down below would forever be home
We swore for Ripperton road

I remember the year when McCall disappeared
He went fishing and never came back
He was Gregory's dad, we were all very sad
That sunday we dressed up in black
But the church was too small to have hold of us all
So I waited outside in the cold
But I heard the bells ring and the church choir sing
Sing for Ripperton road

Well, time fades away like the end of the day
And you wake up a long way from home
But in the city last week I met Tom in the street
He looked different, but still Tommy Doole
I said: "Long time, no see, how's your sister Maureen?
Are her eyes still that intensly blue?"
He just laughed for a while, and in our hearts we both smiled
Smiled for Ripperton road

So I drove there tonight
Back to that flickering light
And our house was still there
And so was Anna and Claire
I sat on their roof, I looked at the sea
And when the sun came up I knew
This was were I wanted to be
Home at Ripperton Road