(Music & Lyrics: Jenny Schaub)

As I went out one dark winter´s night
To walk away my sorrows
Something made me stop
in my lonesome tracks
A crow, a cat and a man in a hat
Rising from the shadows
He said – make a wish, or make it two
An offer ´specially for you

Oh, come my sweet
Sit down, have a seat
and watch my magic wonders
Don´t be scared,
now let me read your hand
Your wish may be bright
as a fire in the night
or dark as drums and thunder
I said – take me back to hope and joy
Just take me back to river Fowey

Then we would never ever lose our way
Never sell our souls or walk astray
No, we would not surrender
We would stand and take the fight
Well, sometimes dreams
get shattered in the night

Oh, backwards in time;
a favourite of mine
The wizard started laughing
No time like the past, that´s what I say
The sun, the moon,
your favourite tune
I´ve got one more wish to grant you
All I miss is only this:
Oh, take me back to River Fowey

Then we would never ever
lose our way…

As I went home that night all alone
Snow had started falling
Something seemed to lift
my heavy heart
The crow, the cat
and the man in the hat
had vanished in the shadows
I closed my eyes and dreamed away
To long ago and far away