(Music & Lyrics: Jenny & Martin Schaub)

A blouse with lace as white as snow
As snow upon the trees
I bought it in the finest store
Down on East Harbour Street.

I’ll wear that blouse
when morning comes
I’ll wear it with a tear
My face the same shade as the blouse
It’s time to part my dear

A velvet hat black as the night
That settles over me
Just one last kiss and then I’ll miss
All that we could have been

I’ll wear that hat
when morning comes
I’ll wear it with a tear
My thoughts as dark as my new hat
It’s time to part my dear.

Hold me ‘til tomorrow
Let parting be such sweet sorrow
Such sweet sorrow

And many’s the foot that have tread on these steps
Many before me have sailed
The stones are as grey as the ghosts of all those
who strived for a good life and failed

A scarlet scarf red as the blood
That rushes through my veins
A farewell gift you gave to me
As I left yesterday

I wore that scarf when my ship sailed
I wore it with a tear
And held it close as darkness fell
And thought of you my dear