Laughter in a crowd
Forgotten doors that opened
I recognized that voice
Such a familiar noise
The same old smile again
Your secret wordless language
I was about to claim
It could never be the same
But then you spoke my name...

Come meet me by the swings
Where memories still ring
Of times that passed us by
Where did they go?
Where do they go?
I think I know
I saw them by the swings

Each time I moved my feet
Each step in your direction
Brought something back to me
Of how it used to be
We had a special place
A lifetime from the future
Where we lost track of time
Each day an endless line
Back then when you were mine

Come meet....

We can't go back in time
For us there's no rewind
But if we look inside
Who knows what we may find

Reel at end: Salt Hill (M. Schaub)