I know there isn't much to see here
There may be even less to do
Some people say there is no future here for me
And maybe that is true
Some houses by the lonely harbour
A narrow street leads to the church
A bus-stop and some bored old seagulls
I'm calling this my piece of earth

For reasons that I can't remember
I've never felt this reckless urge
To go just where the road might take me
I'm happy on this piece of earth
I've never been afraid of silence
What scares me more are empty words
But this is something you can count on
I'm staying on this piece of earth

You tell me that I shouldn't stay here
You say there's so much more to see
The world is full of golden chances
And that somewhere there's a prince for me
But can't you see that all I wished for
Was you for better and for worse
And to hear you say how much you love me
Forever on this piece of earth