(Music & Lyrics: Jenny & Martin Schaub)

Wilson line, Wilson line
All things bad will end up fine
Wilson line Wilson line
Buy a ticket, now’s the time
to cross the waves with the Wilson line

September 1:st, 1903, I write to you my brother
It is a week ago today I left our home so dear
Our mother watched the carriage leave, her eyes welled up with tears
Those tears were all in vain, it seems I’m now in deepest trouble.

The train took off, it was on time, and as we left the station
My heart was filled with hope and pride, I’d finally made the leap
Too many years I’ve worked that land, now time had come to reap
All dreams ahead, a brand new start, I’d leave this sad old nation.

Wilson line, Wilson line…

But when I got to Gothenburg there was no one there to meet me.
I had my prepaid ticket so I said ”this will be fine”
And I sat down and waited for the man from Wilson line
Still high on hope I felt so strong that nothing could defeat me

Eight hours later, still no man, and so I started thinking
I need some place to stay tonight, I need something to eat
So I took off to Herring Street where all the emigrants meet
Your warning ringing in my ears: ”Stay clear of girls and drinking!”

Wilson line, Wilson line…

Her name was Jane, she took my hand and led me to her table.
She laughed at all my silly jokes, her skin was soft to touch
And she kept topping up my glass ‘til I had drunk too much
Next thing I know I woke up by the horses in a stable.

I’m sure that you can guess the rest, that all my plans where thwarted
Sweet Jane was just as rotten and as two faced as the rest
All money gone, but I still had the ticket in my vest
I went down to the customs house to get all papers sorted

Wilson line, Wilson line…

It hurts to tell what happened next, my very dearest brother
The ticket for the Wilson line turned out to be a fake
I watched the ship leave from the dock and thought my heart would break
With little hope I write these lines, and please don’t tell our mother