"West of Eden is a Swedish group formed in 1995 which has just released its second CD. On their web page they describe themselves as a "pop band" with Celtic influences rather than Celtic music with a pop or rock feeling. Their first CD, from 1997, was described by many as a cross between the Corrs and Capercaillie, a description that is not too far from the truth when it comes to the Rollercoaster as well. But sometimes I feel another strong influence - ABBA. At times West of Eden sounds as a late ABBA might have sounded if they had decided to include some Celtic feeling into their music........"(I Still Remember) How to Forget" is just amazing. It's a slow song with a soft backing, a vehicle for Jenny Schaub to shine. The song builds up during the performance, from a simple piano to the full band - Celtic pop at its very best….

…The closing "Just That I Love You" is another diamond. Less Celtic, more folky, it gives the impression of an unplugged West of Eden, with an acoustic guitar leading the proceedings behind Mrs. Schaub. "Crescent Moon" is not quite as good as the above mentioned, but one of the best examples of a well produced backing track, with the keyboards and the electric guitar bubbling in a lovely way behind the vocals......If you are interested in Celtic pop, and if you are looking for less commercial alternatives to the Corrs and B*Witched, you could do a lot worse than checking out West of Eden. They provide you with easy-to-listen-to-tunes, great instrumental work and a lovely singer, and it is all well produced and the cover work shows that they are looking for a larger audience"

- Greenman Review